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The book also challenges deep-seated understandings of democratic accountability as an expression of popular sovereignty.

It instead argues that accountable governance is incompatible with all claims to ultimate authority, regardless of whether they refer to the demos, the state, or cosmopolitan public law.

This will lead to more complex policy, as policymakers insert specific provisions to benefit special interests, and, if one side of the debate has a lobbying advantage, to more biased policy, as the advantaged side is able to better take advantage of the cheaper lobbying.

This book then uses Access Point Theory to explain why some countries have more protectionist and more complex trade policies than others; why some countries have stronger environmental and banking regulations than others; and why some countries have more complicated tax codes than others.

Access Points develops a new theory about how democratic institutions influence policy outcomes.

Access Point Theory argues that the more points of access that institutions provide to ...

“In the Shadow of Hermes”, a film by Juri Lina We are a North American and European-based, grass-roots, independent blog offering geopolitical news and media analysis, working with an array of volunteer contributors who write and help to analyse news and opinion from around the world.

This work presents the results of a comprehensive and integrated research project in comparative abortion policy and politics in post‐industrial democracies. More This work presents the results of a comprehensive and integrated research project in comparative abortion policy and politics in post‐industrial democracies.

Analysing the attitudes of legislators to the demands of party unity, and what drives these attitudes, the book argues that what explains the observed unity (beyond what preference similarity would explain) is the conscious acceptance by MPs that the long-term benefits of belonging to a united party (such as increased influence on legislation, lower transaction costs, and better chances of gaining office) outweigh the short-terms benefits of always voting for their ideal policy outcome.21st Century Wire Aug 2, 2011 Still today, socialists and middle class activists romanticise about past revolutions and communist exploits.Contrary to popular myth, many of the so-called ‘socialist’ revolutions and wars of independence were not organic, grass-roots movements at all. Just ask Max Warburg (photo, left) and his Wall Street cohorts played the same roll at the turn of the 20th century that George Soros and his ‘colour revolutions’ play today – regime change and nation building for a …The book buttresses this argument through the analysis of both open-ended survey questions as well as survey questions on the costs and benefits of belonging to a political party in a legislature.Less The central argument of this book is that voting unity in European legislatures is not primarily the result of the ‘disciplining’ power of the leadership of parliamentary parties, but rather the result of a combination of ideological homogeneity through self-selection into political parties and the calculations of individual legislators about their own long-term benefits.

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