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This is just an artifact of this type of camera; they’re basically blind spots. By default, there’s a gray and white Human Eyes logo for the bottom.You can make that larger or smaller with a slider that adjusts the size from 0-15%, or just punch in the percentage in the little box.

The UX is a just a bit clunky at times, but by and large it’s quite intuitive, and the features you need are easy to find--nothing is buried under multiple menu layers.The advantage of Stereo is that you won’t misjudge your footage--using Left Eye or Right Eye doesn’t give you both angles on each side of the camera--but you do end up with two images, one on top and one on bottom.For example, the very top and very bottom of your clips are a mess.You can flip the video 180 degrees (which is handy if you shot with the camera upside down), choose a “center” for the video (that is, the starting center point when someone watches the clip), shrink the field of view from 360 to 0 degrees (which is ideal if you need to frame your shots), replace the top or bottom “patch” image (to cover up the shooter or the default Vuze logo), and more.By “more” we mean the Advanced Tools, which includes the ability to refine the stitching; adjust the blending level; performing color matching between the cameras; and balancing shadows, exposure, highlights, color temp, and color saturation.

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