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There are three levels of access to an attached USB storage device, admin, user, and anonymous.

Admin and user level access are protected by a User ID and Password.

As such, references in this document that describe configuration or behavior of the LINE port or Li interface apply to the OBi110 or devices with an OBi LINE USB to FXO adapter attached.

The OBi PHONE port can select from the following services to which it can complete a call: SP1 Service (SP1), SP2 Service (SP2), SP3 Service (SP3), SP4 Service (SP4), OBi Blue Tooth 1 Service (BT1), OBi Blue Tooth 2 Service (BT2), OBi TALK Service (PP1), and PSTN Line (LI1).

PHONE PORT:: Call Return Digit Maps You may connect the OBi PHONE port to an external PA system via an RJ11-to-Line-Out connector (available at many popular electronics shops), and enable the PHONE port option Use For Paging Only.

The admin will have full access while a user level access can be restricted.

Anonymous access is limited to read-only without being prompted by the OBi device to enter a User ID or Password.

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You may connect an OBi LINE USB to FXO adapter to the USB Port of the OBi device to provide an extra Line port.

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