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Plus, you always want to find the perfect moment to ask her on a date, but those can be hard to come by if there’s no opportunity for one-on-one time.This means that, even if we want to ask her out, a good chance may never present itself.Let’s say we made it this far: the girl we asked said yes.Next, men have to plan out the perfect sequence of events and activities so that the lady has a great time.It’s a chance for some easy fun without having to, in my experience, spend any money or do any work.The only thing that women need to do in this scenario is say one word: “yes.”For men, dating isn’t such a carefree experience because we have to do ALL of the work.It’s pretty obvious that dating is quite different for women and men.

The fact that going on real dates is so rare these days should make the girl I do take out feel extra special.

Personally, I have no desire to ask every girl I find physically attractive out on a real date because of all the hassles I’ve already mentioned, and even if I did, I couldn’t afford it. I’m also an athlete, which means I’m even more broke than the average college student, because football is a full-time commitment.

Plus, I’m living out here in Silicon Valley, which is one of the most expensive places in the world.

It’s an exclusive thing, and once I truly like a girl, I have no problem taking her out on all sorts of dates and doing all kinds of grand romantic gestures for her. Historically, dating has been used as a method of finding companionship and, let’s be honest, a way to have sex.

Over the years, people have found other, easier ways to achieve the same goals, and conventional dating has become unnecessary.

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