Dating aids prostitutes

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Dating aids prostitutes

"When I started in 1991, I never asked the men to use a condom. Although they are free, condom usage is estimated at only 70 per cent among Majengo's prostitutes.Even the HIV-negative women are advised to use condoms as their immunity cannot be guaranteed.It is estimated that in Kenya a million people - more than 7 per cent of the population - are HIV positive.In some areas of Nairobi, 20 to 30 per cent of women coming for prenatal check-ups are infected with the virus."We are taking blood from the HIV-negative women and their relatives as well as from some women who have tested positive," says Dr Ephantus Njagi, whose work at the Majengo clinic for commercial sex workers is at the forefront of the research programme."At the moment we believe some women have a genetic make-up which enables them to produce something which kills off the virus.No 893 has two daughters who work as prostitutes and are also HIV-negative.Yet, resistance to the virus is not automatically inherited by all family members.

"I'm really surprised I'm negative," says Monica on the day she calls at the clinic for a biannual blood test. I thank God, I'm very lucky." When Monica comes to the clinic she takes three cartons containing 144 condoms each.Proof of this can be seen in countries such as Cambodia, the Dominican Republic, India and Thailand, where reductions in national HIV prevalence have been helped by initiatives targeting sex workers and their clients.Sex workers often share common factors, regardless of their background, that can make them vulnerable to HIV transmission.6 Sex workers are often stigmatised, marginalised and criminalised by the societies in which they live.Mastura Adam, anotherprostitute, is HIV-negative despite exposure to the virus. Yet while the former has proved immune to HIV infection, the latter is seropositive.The HIV-resistant women at Majengo show no trace of the HIV antibodies normally associated with people who indulge in high-risk sexual behaviour.

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