Astrology dating is also a common thing stars say

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Astrology dating is also a common thing stars say

It’s the ones who shout it from the rooftops that are left cringing when their relationship crashes and burns. If two consenting adults want to get naked after one meeting then who’s to say that’s a no no?

65% Taurus are ‘guilty’ of having sex on the first date but is this really a dating sin? There are plenty of people who bumped uglies on the first date and are still together.

But heads up: You're not the best at working for a boss, as you can become irritated by micromanagement and restriction.

Don't worry, Aries—you'll rise to the top in no time…that is, if you make sure to finish what your start.

Here, astrologer Kelli Fox of The reveals what kind of employee you are, what makes you do well in your work environment, and, of course, what careers will make you an absolute boss—literally.

Aries are natural born leaders, and as such they have an easy time translating that authority into becoming one badass boss.

They’re probably the ones who put every single picture they’ve ever taken of bae up there, put all his/her ‘funny’ little text screenshots, and have their profile picture and cover photo as a cute couple selfie.

The study was conducted by What’s Your Price, which is a date auction site, where – I sh*t you not – you bid for dates with people (This stands as my final confirmation that 2017 has reached peak dating horror, so I’m bowing out of the dating game and ordering a cute chastity belt from Etsy).

And, as mentioned before, a CEO or other management professional isn't far off—you like being in control, and do best when you can offer your insight to a support team to execute.

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You can lie about the reason, just at least give a reason, okay? Or are you such a snake that you matched all of the zodiac sins?

These little pieces are guilty of sending booty call texts – 70.73% Scorpios questioned say they’ve sent a late night “You up? I guess the biggest thing to take from this is that it’s less about whether your main sin matches your astrology sin, and more about the fact that we should all be cutting down on our sins, no? Let’s just all agree to be less douchey, and make dating less exhausting.

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Naughty Leos are guilty of cheating as 57.14% admit to having had a bit on the side. Flighty little Virgos are super guilty of running back to their ex. You are screwing over yourself, you are screwing over your partner and you are screwing over any future partners of theirs.

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