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From the Dn." These refutations showed some differences between Manichaeism and Zoroastrianism, mainly that the Zoroastrian world view was believed to be much more in agreement with the cosmos and not as anticosmic as Manichaeism.

During the fourth century Zoroastrians tried to convince Manichaeans to convert to Zoroastrianism, even through pressure.Shwars, the "Pure Ones"; he was very engaged in preserving and spreading Iranian Manichaean literature.Besides Parthian missionaries, Sogdians began to play an important part in transmitting Iranian religious ideas farther to the east.Manichaeism, a basically Gnostic religion founded by Mani, was widespread in antiquity.In Iran, this religion very strongly made use of Zoroastrian motifs to look like a genuine Iranian religion.

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But the Zoroastrian clergy also reacted against the still-practicing Manichaeans in another way. This book was produced to compete with the Manichaean books.

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